Club Gallistico – Fernando Noriega, Poker Game Host


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to ART POKER at Club Gallístico San Miguel.

I’m Fernando Noriega and I know this “Gallera” since I was a child, once my dad brought me.

But today, ladies and gentlemen, we are not here to see an ordinary cockfight. Today, however we have some good brave cocks, cocks from art, and they will play not with their spurs or spikes, but with their intelligence and with help of luck in a poker game. 

For today’s ART POKER game, we have eight Colombian giants of art, who come to play with their own art works, and three lucky winners that will have the works of their adversaries. 

We have here Clemencia Poveda, Rosario Lopez, Miler Lagos, Carlos Castro, Saúl Sánchez, Luis Aristizabal, Esteban Gutierrez and Nicolás Sanin.