Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) is a collaborative research project that uses the game of poker to explore the inter-relationship of power, risk and value in art practice and the art market.

During the game, players including artists, collectors and curators, stake their art in an ongoing negotiation of value within an environment charged with risk, uncertainty and competition.

As the game progresses, micro-political strategies and ruses emerge as players test their skills in the manipulation of risk, value and chance.  Nomadic and evolutionary, the game moves from place to place, reformulating according to context, players and changing agendas.

Check out this article from Stimulus Respond Magazine in which Eugene Perera and Christopher Thomas discuss the main themes explored within the project:

Stimulus Respond Number ART

ART is conceived by London based artist Eugene Perera (  

Collaborators have included Georgia Anderson, Andres Borda, Abbas Nokhastah (Openvizor), Eiko Honda, Christopher Thomas, Kristen Lovelock and Claudia Von Funcke.